The AFWI has partnered with the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada to create a suite of podcasts for medical education on the neurodevelopmental origins of addiction.

Below is a listing of newly developed podcasts, each with its own related video and study guide.


Study Guides and Videos for All Podcasts


1. The Neuro Developmental Pathway Origins of Addiction

Core Concepts of early child development

2. Brain Architecture and Development 

3. Early Experiences and Gene Expression 

4. Building Cognitive, Emotional and Social Capacities 

5. Positive, Tolerable and Toxic Stress

6. Brain Plasticity and Behavioural Change 

7. Intervention and Treatment in Children’s Mental Health


8. Different Kinds of Addiction

9. Prevention, Intervention and Treatment of Addiction 

10. Early Trauma in Addiction 

11. Chronic Disease Management Model of Addiction Treatment: A Healthcare System Response

12. Quality Improvement Strategies and Evaluation for Addiction Treatment Programs

13.  Process Improvements in Healthcare Programs to Support Addiction Treatment