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The Resilience Scale: A Tool for Change

The Resilience Scale is a proven tool for helping audiences understand how resilience is built and maintained. A new international initiative shows its promise as a tool for coordinating care and measuring progress. This new report provides examples from organizations using the resilience scale in their practices.

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The Alberta Family Wellness Initiative (AFWI) facilitates research and shares knowledge about the science of brain development to support positive lifelong health outcomes for everyone.

Brain Story Toolkit

We've gathered all our most popular learning resources in one place: the Brain Story Toolkit.

What We Know

Science tells us that the experiences we have in the earliest years of our lives actually change our brain architecture in lasting ways. That has consequences – positive and negative – across the lifespan for our physical and mental health.

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What We Do

The AFWI mobilizes knowledge about early brain development and its connection to lifelong physical and mental health. We form the bridge between the latest scientific knowledge about brain development and what is actually done in policy and practice.

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Who We Are

The AFWI is an initiative of the Palix Foundation. We operate and develop resources under the expert oversight of a cross-disciplinary group of advisors who comprise the AFWI Advisory Council and the Curriculum Committee.

Judy Cameron PhD 2016 – Present
David A. Dodge OC 2010 – Present
George F. Koob PhD 2015 – Present
Dr. Shoo K. Lee MBBS, PhD, FRCPC 2012 – 2019
A. Thomas McLellan PhD 2011 – 2018
Anthony Phillips PhD 2010 – Present
Christine Chambers PhD 2019 – Present
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University of Oxford

The University of Oxford, in paid partnership with the Alberta Family Wellness Initiative is working to share knowledge about the science of brain development for families and professionals.

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Brain Story Feedback Report

In 2017 the AFWI developed the Brain Story Certification Course, the first learning program of its kind. Since then, we’ve gathered ongoing feedback about the structure, content and impact of the course to create a new resource: the Brain Story Impact Report. The report includes everything you and your organization need to know about the role this resource plays in driving systemic change, and how you can participate.

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August 2020 • Reports

AFWI Developmental Evaluation Report

From September 2019 to April 2020, Alberta Family Wellness Initiative (AFWI) commissioned a developmental evaluation to explore the extent to…