Early Learnings about the Resilience Scale Metaphor in Practice

Colleen McCann, Joelle Cook, and Euphonise Loiseau

Resilience, Service Delivery, Research Programs, Framing Metaphor, Evaluation Report

Palix Foundation, January 2021

From June–November 2020, the AFWI convened a community of practice comprising six organizations in Alberta and two in London, England. The intent was for participants to design, implement, and test out various uses of the resilience scale to suit diverse practice contexts and to learn collaboratively from the process.


This report, conducted by FSG, captures early learnings from the community of practice with their experience integrating the resilience scale into their work. The report finds that the metaphor was an effective tool for practitioners beyond simple awareness: it is effective for client onboarding and education, it can help practitioners coordinate with other agencies to customize care, it can help organizations frame theories of change that integrate brain science, and it may even have promise for measuring program efficacy in building resilience. The report concludes by outlining ideas for future learning by organizations as well as about clinical uses of the resilience scale.