Seeing the Whole Patient

May 31, 2022

Using the Brain Story to Understand and Support Vulnerable Patient Populations with Complex Needs Dr. Francesco Mosaico, MD, CCFP (AM), Medical Director, Boyle McCauley Health Centre and Edmonton Isolation Facility, Assistant Clinical Professor, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Alberta Dr. Serena Jenkins, PhD, Scientific Associate, Palix Foundation Anita* was referred to the Boyle McCauley Health Centre (BMHC) in Edmonton.

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The Brain Story in Practice: CUPS Child Development Centre

March 24, 2022

The Brain Story explains how brains are built over time through responsive serve and return interactions with stable, caring adults, especially during early childhood and adolescence. However, brain development begins within the first month post-conception.

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Improving Patient Care using the Brain Story

February 22, 2022

Matthew, a 57yo otherwise stable male patient, presented to the Emergency Room with rectal bleeding. He had a positive fecal occult blood test four years prior but had not followed-up. The ER physician advised a colonoscopy, but Matthew declined. The physician proceeded to ask Matthew about his past experiences, how they impacted him, and what the physician could do to make the procedure more comfortable.

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The Brain Story in Practice: Riley Park Maternity Clinic

February 1, 2022

Mary* is a 24yo G1P0 at 16 weeks gestational age, presenting to the Riley Park Maternity Clinic for her prenatal, intrapartum and early post-partum care. Dr. Killam and her colleagues** have implemented the adverse childhood experiences (ACE) questionnaire as a tool to facilitate history taking, not as a screening tool, to learn more about a patient’s past and how their experiences may have impacted their physical and mental health

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